How do I test Mollom?

Mollom provides a testing mode to allow you to test the integration and determine how CAPTCHA challenges display on your site.

This testing mode works against a special, separate Testing API that is detached from the production system, but works identically otherwise.

The Mollom plugin used on your site needs to support the testing mode option. — If it does, then you can simply toggle the testing mode in its global settings.

When testing mode is enabled, Mollom does not behave as usual and reacts to special string literals instead:

  • For text analysis, you can trigger the corresponding responses when using one of the literal "ham", "spam", or "unsure" strings in a post. If none of the literal strings is contained, Mollom returns unsure.
  • All image CAPTCHAs can only be solved with the literal string "correct". Any other solution is incorrect.
  • All audio CAPTCHAs always spell the word "demo", and only that is correct.

Ensure that you only enable the testing mode in controlled environments, and remember to disable it as soon as you're done with testing. Regular visitors of your site may be confused and thus they may not be able to post anything at all.

Mollom's production API does not provide a magic testing string, nor any other means to test its behavior.

By attempting to test Mollom on any site that does not have testing mode enabled, you will negatively affect your own author reputation across all sites that are protected by Mollom.