Does Mollom block users?

Yes, under some circumstances, Mollom does prevent known spammers from posting. Mollom combines text analysis with reputation checking to form a list of "known spammers". In severe cases, Mollom may go beyond simply presenting these users with a CAPTCHA challenge and "block", or prevent, them from posting. Blocks are always temporary, however; over time, a blocked account will return to normal.

Does Mollom track user reputations?

Yes, Mollom uses identity information (like Drupal's user id of the posting user) when it is available, and "remembers" past activity. Posting spam can damage a user's reputation, while posting legitimate content with a low spam score enhances it. The reputation of a user is part of Mollom's algorithm for evaluating posts, so posts by a user with a reputation of "spam" is more likely to be flagged for a CAPTCHA challenge. Because Mollom weights recent user activity higher than past activity, internal reputations decay over time; this means that no one is ever permanently flagged by Mollom's filter.

Who uses Mollom?

Mollom is used by leading online media and publishing companies (including Sony BMG, LinuxJournal, Adobe, Warner Brothers, Jupitermedia and FastCompany), non-profit organizations, personal blogs, community websites, and more. A number of our users have comments posted on our testimonial page.

Can I resell Mollom to my own clients?

Yes, we want to work with web developers and other vendors interested in reselling Mollom subscriptions.

Our profit-sharing program, available to partners with an approved reseller agreement, allows us to provide you with a financial incentive to resell Mollom subscriptions.

If you are interested in becoming a Mollom partner, contact us to request more information.

Can I integrate Mollom into a product of my own?


We do not support integration with our free service, but we encourage with integration our paid services into other products and provide an open API to integrate with Mollom.

Please remember that each individual site must identify itself to Mollom servers using its own Mollom API keypair. We provide a set of advanced APIs that help you to manage Mollom API keys.

For more information on product integration and documentation for our provisioning API, contact us to send us more information about your proposed integration project.