Will Mollom ever replace all my site's moderation duties?

Although Mollom is based on Machine Learning and language analysis techniques, it is not likely to replace all moderation duties a human moderator can perform. However, we can drastically reduce the effort required to moderate your site’s content by automatically separating the wheat from the chaff.

Will I see my site grow immediately when I use Mollom?

By using Mollom, you can allow anonymous users to post content on your site. Currently, most sites require users to create an account before they are allowed to contribute, hoping this slight barrier will improve the quality of contributed content. Enabling anonymous posting makes it much easier for people to participate in your site. So, by using Mollom you could see your site grow immediately. In the long run, the improvement in overall content quality will attract even more users to your site.

Is my site’s content quality important?

Your visitors' experiences depend entirely on the quality of your content. High quality sites attract more users and grow more quickly. Content quality also affects search engine results and, therefore, factors including the number of visitors, community growth and the amount of income that can be generated by advertising.

Why care about user-generated content?

The internet has become a social meeting place, where large numbers of users share ideas, passions and information. Blogs, podcasts, forums, wikis, community sites and social networks are here to stay and attracting ever more users.

How does Mollom work (in simple terms, please)?

If a user posts a comment or other content to your site, your web server sends it to Mollom to be checked. Mollom says whether it thinks the content is spam or not and gives it a quality score. Your web server then accepts or rejects the post depending on quality standards that you set. Easy. More details can be found here.